10 Ways to Optimise Your Business with WhatsApp and WA Biz Sender

10 Ways to Optimise Your Business with WhatsApp and WA Biz Sender

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives and has now over 2 Billion users. And so, growing your business on a platform that people log in to multiple hours a day is extremely critical for your business.

And so, to help you with the planning, we’ve laid down 10 Ways to Grow Your Business on WhatsApp:

1. Truly help your customers with personalised and timely answers to any question with which they may turn to your customer care team via WhatsApp. To provide perfect communication make use of emojis, bitmoji, GIFs, images, and all! WhatsApp WA Biz Sender is an excellent way to send messages to your customers and let them know that you care about them and treat them like family. This helps in building trust which makes your customers tell their friends about your shop and which results in virality.

2. Use event-based triggers that help in sending customised invites for events via WhatsApp. For instance, greet visitors to your food store with alerts about new dishes via WhatsApp for an enticing chance to win a special prize. Everyday discounts and deals to be sent to customers via WhatsApp using WA Biz – WhatsApp Sender software is really simple for you and it can boost sales to a large extent and make your customers happy.

3. Create contests and polls via WhatsApp to gain maximum engagement. This will be valuable to you to get an idea of who your target audience is, their buying habits, brand preferences, and all. Creating polls on WhatsApp was not possible before but using WA Biz Sender you can do it easily as people respond to your questions via text and WA Biz Sender creates a poll on your dashboard by collecting all the answers that your customers have submitted.

4. Organize campaigns to educate on adopting new practices. For instance, you can create awareness about food, clothing, store, and any businesses that you are selling. Giving the backstory of the campaign to the customers can make them feel involved and more invested in the process of buying from you which will result in higher sales for you and greater happiness for the customer.

5. Build a list of prospects via WhatsApp by leveraging on contests. That way you can score leads easily. Even if prospects are not interested at once, you can still use the conversation to build trust and by the next time, they might be ready to make a purchase. This is a really important tactic that has been missing. Selling has become like a transaction between two parties and customers really hate this. What they want is someone to build a connection with them and then they’ll be readily buying stuff from you and you can sell them so much more than you could sell them in a mundane transaction.

6. Rebranding? Nothing better than a short but informative chat via WhatsApp to get your customer base on board with the rebranding strategy. You can also let them know about any offers or discounts running with the new name. And giving exciting discounts is only possible through WhatsApp. While big companies have such high budgets that they can show ads on TV and various social media channels. But for someone who does not have a big budget, WhatsApp is a great source to inform your customers about exciting deals going on at your shop so that they can buy again from it.

7. Create WhatsApp communities for building a stronger foundation of the business. Do not limit to just the existing customer base but also create groups that you can share with prospects. This will not only help them in getting to know you more but also play the role of a referral channel. This is an excellent strategy where you can ask your customers to bring in their friends along with them to make a purchase and if their friends also buy from the shop then they get an additional discount.

8. Make use of the ‘Chats on WhatsApp’ feature to connect with new prospects. Gather leads via events, seminars, and workshops in WhatsApp as they share the event invite via WhatsApp with the group in which they are added as members. This is also a great way for doing some ‘drip ’ of which you can ask them for the purchase decision later on. WhatsApp has become the place where people are logged in for hours and getting their attention on this platform has become critical for business growth.

9. Use the WhatsApp Business app if your WhatsApp is connected with Facebook. Using this app, you will get a welcome message that people see the first time they open the app. In addition to this, you will also be the first on the contact list on their phones. And another feature of this app that you might want to use is ‘Estimated Delivery Time’. This feature informs your clients about when they will get their ordered products.

10. Use WhatsApp for lead generation and building a reputation. By integrating it with Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any other business account, people who are not yet your customers will now see what your customers are saying about you on social media. If you have received any five-star review on your Facebook page or any other Facebook post, use WhatsApp to share the same post and add a little context to it. This will provide your customer with more trust and may make them visit your store to place an order.

Through various ways, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. A close chat on WhatsApp with someone can simply change someone’s day, so your potential clients will go berserk once they realize that your business is on WhatsApp! This makes WhatsApp a great business development platform. And what more! It is free! You do not have to pay for it. All you need to do is use WA Biz Sender and start creating an advertisement for your business. Now you know how to use WA Biz Sender so pick a plan and get started.

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