Be careful when creating business advertising images for social media


Be careful when creating business advertising images for social media

1. The user base of social media, websites mainly use mobile. 90% of users see your ad on mobile only.

2. Therefore, it is possible to make an advertisement that will look appropriate on mobile.

3. Preferably a square-shaped ad for mobile view at any time. If it is a rectangle, the ratio should be 1: 1.25.

4. The rectangular ad looks too small on mobile. The image of a square eleven immediately draws attention.

5. After creating the ad, first check what it looks like on mobile.

6. Ads that seem appropriate on the desktop sometimes look very bad on mobile.

7. Fonts that look too big in your desktop ads look too small on the mobile view. Sometimes they can’t even read.

8. So check if the ad image you have created can be read properly on mobile.

9. The ad should have a heading in capital letters. Which can be noticed immediately while scrolling.

10. Don’t gimmick in advertising. The matter that seems adequate on the desktop can often feel overwhelmed on the mobile view.

11. There is a big difference in the colors that appear on desktops and mobiles. Therefore, you should also check the color scheme on Mobile View.

12. Advertising is mainly created on the desktop. In this case, do not use an app like WhatsApp when sending it to mobile. These apps are down image quality. So take the image to the email, and download the email. Or transfer the image by connecting to mobile CPU.

13. When posting to different groups on Facebook, don’t post all at once. There is a high rate of single people in many groups. In this case, if you post the ad on all the groups at the same time, while scrolling through such users, you will see your ad one below the other, and they can hide your account by getting fed up with the excess of this ad. Or they may block you permanently.

14. Don’t message unknown numbers on WhatsApp. If the person in front reports your number as spam, and the amount of this report increases, your number may be blocked from WhatsApp. And the once blocked number from WhatsApp is not heard to be resumed.

15. There should be square-shaped ads on Instagram.

16. If you are going to do a paid promotion on Facebook, don’t put too much content in the advertisement. There should not be too many words in the image. The information should be in the caption, the image should have only one or two lines. This increases the success rate of paid promotion.

17. Whatever the medium; Blurred, blurred, poor quality image unresponsive. The words in the image should be readable.

18. Each medium has its own method of displaying the image. Study that method and design according to the medium for which the advertisement is to be made. E.g. The ad on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram looks the same as the size you posted. This means that the image of a square or rectangular eleven in the ratio 1: 1.25 is correct here. On Twitter, the image appears on the desktop in the same shape but on the mobile view, the image is cropped in a rectangular shape. To view the full image, click on it to open the image. This means that the image will probably be rectangular for the mobile view. A rectangular shape image is also suitable on LinkedIn. But given the increasing use of the average mobile, a rectangular image in the shape of a square or 1: 1.25 is never appropriate in 90% of cases.

In short, in any situation, when creating an advertising image, think about what would look right on mobile.

Here are some technical and practical tips for creating ads for your business. These tips will definitely increase the response to your ads. If your ads don’t get a response, check out where you missed out on these tips and make improvements.

Note: Please note that these tips are mainly for social media. There are different strategies for different media.

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